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The Poochini's Difference

Poochini's mission is, first and foremost, to look after your pet's complete comfort, health and well-being during the grooming process.

We promise to:
   • Provide a clean, stress-free Pet and Pet Parent environment
   • Use only natural products selected for their quality
   • Pay close attention to the finer details of grooming
   • Listen to what our Pet Parents really want for their pet
   • Uphold the highest levels of personalized pet services and customer care

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Pet Would Rather Be Groomed At Poochini's:

We groom by appointment-only
We will never have dogs lined up in cages waiting for hours to be groomed, nor will we allow dirty dogs to run loose around the salon, co-mingling with clean dogs.
Only 100% natural shampoo and conditioning products are used
Based on our Custom Coat and Skin Analysis, each product is selected specifically for YOUR pet's skin and coat type. We never charge extra for any specialty products we use during grooming.

UV Sterilizers are used for all grooming tools
By UV sterilizing scissors, blades, brushes and combs between appointments, threat of bacterial cross-contamination is eliminated.
Our salon is climate-controlled for comfort and safety
We feel it is very important to maintain strict temperature, humidity and air quality control, especially in Arizona's extreme climate. Not all Tucson grooming salons do.
People say our groomers are the best in Tucson
We adhere to the highest standards in the care and grooming of your pet. Besides having an unparalleled passion for this profession, our groomers are continually evaluated and train regularly in the pet styling industry so we can offer the latest in style, techniques and products.
Bathing is done in our separate, double-ventilated wash area
This keeps the humidity and wet doggie odors out of the salon and reception areas for a fresher experience.

Pets are never placed in forced-air cages to dry
We dry each pet with ultra quiet, variable-speed hand dryers to minimize their stress level. We can adjust the speed and noise level of the dryer to suit individual pets needs. Though more labor-intensive, hand drying also speeds up the grooming process so your pet spends less overall time in the salon.
We use state-of-the-art clipper vacuums while clipping
This reduces the amount of airborne hair, fur and dander that could potentially be inhaled by your pet.

There are no metal or wire mesh cages anywhere in our salon
When their groom is complete, dogs have their own private indoor play yard to enjoy while waiting for you.
Pets usually spend no more than 2 hours in the salon
No more dropping off pets early in the morning and having them stay all day. We will let you know when your pet will be ready for pick up at the time you arrive for your pet's appointment.

We want you and your pet to feel at home.

Entering our salon is like entering your own living room. Our "Pet Parent Lounge" has plush leather recliners and sofas to relax on. There is a flat-screen TV and free WiFi for your enjoyment. Help yourself to complimentary gourmet coffee, tea, soft drinks and goodies while you wait for your pet or browse our boutique to find pet clothing, jewelry, artwork and other treasures designed by local Tucson-area artists.

Caring, Professional Groomers

We believe pet grooming is both an art and a skill. We adhere to the highest standards in the care and grooming of your pet. That's why our groomers are continually evaluated and train regularly in the pet styling industry. This allows us to offer the latest in styles, products and techniques to you, our Pet Parents. Our customer service far surpasses the usual standards of most grooming salons.

Grooming for your aged, large or disabled dog

Poochini's has installed special equipment for the Special Needs dog. A walk-in shower, gentle speed hand dryers and electric grooming tables that lower almost to the floor are all available to help avoid unnecessary stress and discomfort while the Aged, Extra Large or Disabled dog is being groomed.

Poochini's pet alert and health report

We provide our Pet Parents with a verbal report of observations made by our groomers concerning their pet's health, coat and skin conditions. Our report is not intended to replace regular checkups by a veterinarian or as a medical diagnosis. Rather, if we feel that veterinary attention may be warranted, we will discuss our concerns with you as a courtesy to you and your pet.