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As grooming professionals, we have to admit that a trip to the grooming salon is not always high on your pet's wish list. Anytime you take your dog or cat to be groomed, there is bound to be a certain amount of stress and anxiety for, both, you and your pet. And, as you are probably well aware, most grooming salons just feel stressful when you walk in the door, which doesn't help your pet enjoy the grooming process.

Now you have a REAL choice!

At Poochini's, we do everything we can to create a positive, and happy, stress-free environment. Our goal is to ensure that every Pet and Pet Parent comes away with the feeling of having experienced an outstanding level of customer service and the highest possible level of care. We want your pet to WANT to come back.
As the most innovative pet grooming salon in Southern Arizona, we invite you to explore our website to learn more about the Poochini's difference. Discover why there is no other salon quite like us.
We are confident that, once you get to know us, you won't want to take your furry family members anywhere else.
Call or visit us today! We would be glad to discuss your pet's specific needs

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